welcome the Dragoness network, a personal domain of Kirin Long that has housed various collectives since 2000. These sites contain elements from the life, family, work, and friendships that have formed over these past years and continue to evolve.

about this site

Hover over each of the links to see a short site description. Our web design and development business site. Contains a portfolio of most of my web design projects. My site dedicated to beadwork. Contains a sample of beadwork projects and patterns. My personal site. Contains my photography gallery and random information about me. James's site. Contains way more information about his work than about himself. James's and my wedding album site. Contains photos from the wedding and a bit of commentary. Our kid's site. Contains a journal and related photos. Our pets' site. Contains information about them and related photos. An old site dedicated mostly to the older Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest console RPGs. The photo gallery for SlothMUD. Colleen's personal website. Jason's personal website.