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I'm Samurai. I'm a purebred Keeshond, and I was born in December 2005 in Oak Harbor, Washington. I have five brothers and sisters somewhere out there, but I'm the baby in my adoptive family.

I'm a very friendly puppy, and I love to meet new people. I play well with other dogs - given the chance, I'll find a friend to play with outside and we'll run in circles and play until we we collapse from exhaustion. For some strange reason, people love it when I jump on them excitedly, although mommy and daddy don't let me do that to them very often.

I'm housebroken, and used to strange places. For nearly a year, I went to work at Amazon and now I show my face at Google quite often. I don't really do anything productive there, and I don't get my own paycheck, but I know I contribute to the team! Since they won't let me drive, I tend to sleep through the commute.

I'm only a year old, but at 35 pounds, I'm almost full grown! You might think I'm bigger, looking at me, but it's mostly fluff. You might think with all that fuzz, I'd shed all over, but I really only shed twice a year, and even then it's easy to contain with frequent brushing.

I'm generally the quiet type - I don't understand dogs that would howl at the moon. I really only bark if I'm in distress or being teased, even if the dogs across the fence are barking.

Description: Samurai is a purebred Keeshond, and was born in December 2005 in Oak Harbor, WA. He's been with our family since he was ready to leave his mommy and littermates at the age of two months.

Temperament: Samurai is the embodiment of the ideal Keeshond temperament. From www.keeshond.org: "The Keeshond is neither timid nor aggressive but, instead, is outgoing and friendly with both people and other dogs. The Keeshond is a lively, intelligent, alert and affectionate companion." Samurai is an extremely friendly puppy who loves people, small and large dogs, and cats alike.

Health & Grooming: Samurai was neutered at the age of 6 months. Since Samurai spends the majority of his time indoors, fleas and ticks have never been an issue. Although Samurai is a long-haired dog, he is typical of his breed and enjoys a barely noticeable amount of shedding. Samurai is up to date on all of his vaccinations, and has received regular care from the Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic in Lynnwood, WA.

General Care: We try to act responsibily regarding all of our pets. Our dog is housetrained and walked regularly. We always pick up after him when we walk him - we keep a bag dispenser clipped to our leash so we are always prepared. Samurai's a lucky dog - he's been welcome at Amazon and will be welcome at Google as well - he's received lots of attention during the workday.

References: We have been homeowners since adding our pets to our family. We are willing to provide contact information upon request for friends, our veterinary clinic, and/or caretakers.

Name: Samurai
Species: Canine
Breed: Keeshond
Born: December 2005
Gender: Male (neutered)
Weight: 35 lbs.
Color: Silver/Black