Dragon Warrior 3

Dragon Warrior 3 is actually the prequel to DW where you ARE the hero Erdrick. It takes place in the light world which resembles our world a bit (you come from Aliahan and one of your quests takes place in Jipang), and in the dark world, which is Alefgard from DW1.

The first row of characters belongs to the original American version of DW3 and the second row is from the DW3 Remix, which is as of yet still untranslated into English.

Game Release: 1988 Japan/1991 USA
Platform: NES/Game Boy Color

Hero       Female Priest Male Priest       Female Soldier Male Soldier       Female Wizard Male Wizard       Female Fighter Male Fighter
Female Merchant Male Merchant       Female Goofoff Male Goofoff       Female Sage Male Sage

Hero Priest (female) Wizard (female) Merchant (female)