Dragon Warrior 4

Dragon Warrior 4 takes place long after Erdrick and his (her?) world has been forgotten. You control nine different characters of many different classes and the goal is to defeat the evil Necrosaro who has abused the Secret of Evolution.

This game is actually a member of another "series" of games, but we the unlucky in the USA have never seen them in English. This is the first of the Dragon Warrior series to include extensive character development, including roleplaying individual characters' occupations. There are four "chapters" in which you get to know the characters, and a fifth where they all meet to fulfill their destinies together.

Game Release: 1990 Japan/1992 USA
Platform: NES

Hero (Female)   Hero (Male)   Ragnar   Alena   Brey   Cristo   Taloon   Mara   Nara  

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