Final Fantasy 7

As the video game industry advanced, so did the appearance of roleplaying games. Final Fantasy 7 is the first installation of the series for the Sony Playstation, and the graphics are vastly improved over the SNES games. FF7 takes place in a less fantasy-medieval setting, progressing toward the technological side of fantasy, and revolves around a confused young man. The character attachment is still good, but not as strong as the previous game in the series.

Game Release: late 1990s
Platform: Playstation

Cloud Strife   Tifa Lockheart   Aeris Gainsborough   Vincent Valentine   Yuffie Kisaragi  
Sephiroth  Barret Wallace   Red XIII/Nanaki   Cid Highwind   Cait Sith

Characters used with general permission from Jinkun's Page.