Seiken Densetsu 3

The sequel to Secret of Mana which never made an official release in English. However, some wonderful folks have put together a translation patch so we poor non-Japanese speakers can enjoy the game as well. It's unique in that the story changes slightly depending on which character you choose of the six as your main character and which two you choose to support the main character. The general storyline is the same regardless of which characters are in your party. I'd have to say that overall, I prefer Secret of Mana to this game because the storyline in this one is a bit weird; you run away from home, you meet two people, you go get the folks who give you magic, you go back to the same places to kill 8 bosses, and that's most of the game in a nutshell. What has improved in this game, though, is the implementation of class changes, which further diversifies every party by adding different abilities and spells to the potential learned.

Game Release: 1995
Platform: SNES

Duran  Hawk  Carlie  Lise  Angela  Kevin